Servant-Leader Lessons from George Henry

George Henry, photographer, author and community leader from Cedar Rapids, Iowa was selected as the subject of an interview for my servant-leadership class in the early 2000s. Just as classic stories never seem to age, neither does George, or his wisdom.  Enjoy. Interview with a Servant-Leader George Henry by Jan (Whalen) Roelofs  George Henry’s life is …

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Publishing Your Book: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Have you always wanted the AUTHOR credential? Did you know that speakers in the National Speakers Association need to publish a book? A common question speaker selection committees ask is: What book did she write? Yet, publishing is a changing game. It’s a gauntlet of challenges to overcome—and if writing is not your business (or …

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Your Voice-Confidence Triggers Change

What picture do you get in your head when you hear the word VOICE? It’s a fascinating and multidimensional concept. Project Runway judges might say “I sense your voice in this collection.” This statement lets the aspiring designer know that what they just created represents their authentic aesthetic. It rings true, it’s recognizable, just like …

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